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Carnicom Institute Moves Forward in 2015

CI Moves to New Facility

In the late fall of 2014 the Carnicom Institute lab was moved to a new facility across town, but still in Wallace, Idaho. The new space is considerably larger, making it possible for expanded research opportunities. The space was filled immediately with Clifford having better access to his equipment, books, and lab gear. This transition represents a significant improvement, but CI has even greater ambitions for the future which will require more modern equipment and more space.



Morgellons Research Project Rollout Planned

We at CI know that many people are eager to be involved in the MRP and we are pleased to announce that the first phase of the MRP, an online survey, is very close to being rolled out onto the Carnicom Institute website. This survey will allow participants to anonymously answer questions that pertain to their health with a space to add other pertinent information not covered in the survey questions. The last step needed before this survey becomes public is the IRB – Institutional Review Board, a process of evaluation that ensures the appropriateness of the survey and the confidentiality of the process. We have a folder with names of people who have already indicated a desire to be a part of the project. If you would like to be considered as a candidate for the MRP, please send an email to and let us know. You will be contacted by email when the project is ready to begin.

GeoEngineering & Climate Model

This is a model to estimate climate change from applying changes in greenhouse gas concentrations relative to the current rates of increase. It also provides for introducing various aerosols and into the atmosphere. It also includes the simulation of random events upon climate change. It will also estimate mortality impacts upon the population. The model is based upon several factors, such as a differential analysis of the specific heat of a mixture of gases, the specific heats and albedos of various aerosols, and mortality projections.

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CDB Lipids :

An Introductory Analysis
(In Progress)

An introductory and primarily qualitative analysis of certain lipids that have been extracted from the cross-domain bacteria (CDB), as they are designated on an interim level by this researcher, has been made. Lipids are a primary biological molecule within any living organism and future studies of this component will be of the greatest importance.

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Alan Turing



In a continuing desire to credit great figures who have been mostly unrecognized in history, we are introducing Alan Turing, one of the least known but most brilliant of minds of the 20th century.  Alan Turing was born on June 23, 1912, in London.  As well as being a mathematician and educator, he was a wartime code-breaker and pioneer of computer science.   He studied King’s College in Cambridge, England 1931 to 1934.  As a result of his thesis “On Computable Numbers,” Turing was elected a fellow at the school upon his graduation.  He was essential in the war efforts of WWII, breaking the complex code used by the Germans called Enigma.  After the war. Turing went on to hold high-ranking positions in the mathematics department and later the computing laboratory at the University of Manchester in the late 1940s.  He developed the concept of a two-digit computing system that later become the basis of the operating systems of computers.   In spite of his brilliance and his service to his country, he was prosecuted by his own government and forced to take chemicals that altered his mind and body, eventually driving him to suicide at the age of 41.  The English government apologized posthumously.



Amanda’s Blurb:

Some readers may know that Clifford Carnicom has written hundreds of research papers on the topics that many of us are just now beginning to become aware of. He started doing this in 1999. The aerosol operations, the lack of response from public officials to letters of inquiry, fibers found in ground samples, ionization, radiation, the condition known as Morgellons, and countless other subjects have been studied extensively by Clifford and painstakingly documented in these papers. It is currently my job to transfer, and edit if needed, these documents and photos to a more modern site where the material will be easier to read. I am happy to do this long-term task because I learn as I go from papers starting 16 years ago and arriving at where we are today. I hope you, too, will benefit from the knowledge that’s been laid out for us, so that we have a clearer picture of the situation.

CI Collaborates with National Health Freedom Coalition

Late on the night of September 23rd, Clifford Carnicom, founder and president of Carnicom Institute, set out by train from Spokane, Washington to attend the 2014 United States Health Freedom Congress in St. Paul Minnesota.
He was invited by Diane Miller, JD, Director of Law and Public Policy for the National Health Freedom Coalition (NHFC), and the National Health Freedom Action.

Donations Needed 
for Infrared Spectrometer

CI is at an impasse with its current equipment. There is a very urgent need for a modern infrared spectrometer which is essential for the next stage in the research. The cost of this equipment is $14,000. About $1,000 of this has been raised thus far. The Environmental Filament Project, as well as other projects and research, cannot move forward without this vital piece of equipment. Please consider a generous donation toward the purchase of the infrared spectrometer.

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CI Collaborates with NHFC

CI Logo

CI Collaborates with NHFC

NHFC Congress

A Report by Kate Willens, Associate, Carnicom Institute
Dec 3, 2014

Late on the night of September 23rd, Clifford Carnicom, founder and president of Carnicom Institute, set out by train from Spokane, Washington to attend the 2014 United States Health Freedom Congress in St. Paul Minnesota.  He was invited by Diane Miller, JD, Director of Law and Public Policy for the National Health Freedom Coalition (NHFC), and the National Health Freedom Action.  These organizations bring together leaders from across the country who are working toward health freedoms and the legislation which can secure these freedoms for people in the United States.  Clifford was honored to be invited and to offer a view of his work to people unfamiliar with it.  At the same time, he was eager to learn about the work of the other members.  I interviewed Clifford upon his return.

KW: Clifford, you seem very eager to share your experience of the Health Freedom Congress.  What happened there?  What’s it all about?

CEC: I am excited by my experience there.  It was so encouraging to see that many other organizations are working along similar lines as Carnicom Institute.  We each have our different focus areas, of course, but generally we are working to provide a climate in which people have access to health care of their choosing, rather than being forced into accepting health care that does not fit with their values and preferences.  You’ve probably heard the stories about people losing their children because they refused a certain course of prescribed and mandated treatment.  The National Health Freedom Coalition is at the forefront of a movement that will give people the rights to decide for themselves what kind of healthcare they want without being penalized for their choices.  The NHFC also created the legislation to protect healthcare practitioners in what are called Safe Harbor Laws.  A safe harbor provides protection so that those providing alternative healthcare will not be penalized for practicing medicine which falls outside the domain of conventional medicine.

KW:  That’s impressive, Clifford.  I hear about people whose practices have been closed down by the authorities for practicing medicine without a license, even though these people did have licenses or certifications in their chosen field of alternative medicine.

CEC: Conventional medical professionals have, in many cases, been given powers that far exceed what is reasonable and it was never intended to be so.  It all depends on how you define medicine.  Nine states have passed health freedom legislation that was spearheaded by the NHFC.  This legislation is sweeping the nation and more than two dozen other states are working on similar legislation. These laws define the scope of licensing, as well as support the freedoms to which people are entitled.  People have a right to informed consent and a right to choose.

KW: Why did they ask you to come?

CEC: They recognize that CI and scores of other organizations are working along the same lines.  The focus of the organizations which make up the NHFC encompass a broad range of issues, including vaccines and GMOs.  They are gradually increasing the scope of issues they are bringing to the table; this year they decided it was important to begin learning about geoengineering.  CI extended the discussion to include the full range of the research, which includes bioengineering as well.

KW: How did you bring this issue to the people attending?

CEC: The conference was structured to allow for discussion in smaller groups.  There were no presentations by voting members of the congress, of which I was one.  But though I was not one of the speakers, I was working and making connections whenever I could… in the hallways, at the breaks, and in the small groups.  Many connections and understandings were reached, but not to the depths that we will seek in the future.  Many people showed an interest in our organization and would like to learn what we do.  Likewise, I had an equal interest in understanding the other organizations and what they are working toward.  We are all sharing the same interests here.  What they didn’t know when they invited me was whether CI was working along the same lines.  They found out that we share common goals and a seriousness about the depth of the issues involved with health freedoms.  However, our work is international in scope, while that of the other organizations is at the national or state level.  It became overwhelming to many of them because it was outside of their normal turf.

KW: So now what, Clifford?  Where do we go from here?

CEC: I want to forge a collaboration between CI and the other organizations that are part of the Coalition, and I want to bring the public into an understanding of all the issues at stake here.  There is CI, there are the members of the Coalition, and there is the public.  I am looking toward increased awareness, involvement, and action between all parties.  I want to openly declare Carnicom Institutes advocacy and active support for the National Health Freedom Coalition.  Additionally, the public has a responsibility to become educated in the shared principles of CI and the Coalition, such as informed consent, and to become aware of the work that is being done to benefit the public.  This awareness will present the work of Carnicom Institute in relationship to the larger themes that involve the violations of basic human rights and the freedom of choice.  What excites me is the potential for a more powerful network of public involvement through the collaboration of Carnicom Institute and the National Freedom Health Coalition.

Alfred Stites Joins the Institute – Creating “History of the Written Word”

Alfred Stites Joins the Institute

Creating “History of the Written Word”


Carnicom Institute is very pleased to announce a collaboration and association with Foliophiles Publishing, LLC., Alfred W. Stites, President, Santa Fe, NM. The project is entitled History of the Written Word.  Mr. Stites is working with the cooperation of the Indiana University Lilly Rare Book Library.

This project will be a unique collection of the most important writings since a mark on clay ca. 3400 B.C. to the present century. Such an undertaking has never before been attempted in presenting both a facsimile and explanatory text , and it cannot be duplicated.

There are two simple reasons for such an undertaking: books as we know them are disappearing because most of the volumes in the 640,000 libraries throughout the world were printed on acidic wood-pulp paper since ca. 1840, as most were, will have disintegrated within a few hundred more years.

The second reason is technical: Within this century, and most librarians say within the next decade or two, all books will be printed digitally to be read on a hand-held appliance that can store thousands of books. It really is probable that within a few decades libraries will become “computer reading stations” Most major libraries throughout the world are digitizing their entire collection. The first library without books, Biblio Tech, opened a few months ago in San Antonio, TX.

The result: There will be no other place any can go and see how communication developed-a picture of an Egyptian Demotic writing, a Gutenberg page, the first page of Newton’s theories that changed our thinking, and illustrations of 181 books, the originals  that throughout the ages created our communication and developed our civilization in the fields of education, physics, medicine, religion, literature, psychology, and others. The Collection will first be offered to university and major public libraries throughout the English-speaking world. It will be printed on acid-free paper to last 500 years, and includes 18 major languages, with  pictorial images from papyrus hieroglyphs, and illustrations, early woodcuts, and on and on to the present. There is now no other single library or group of libraries that have examples that are in this collection of 181 influential examples of the development of communication.

We are pleased that this project will eventually provide even small rural public school libraries with this Collection, as part of our charitable program.

Carnicom Institute anticipates collaboration with numerous projects and endeavors in the future that support humanitarian and educational causes.  Carnicom Institute is proud to announce the initiation of these efforts with Alfred Stites as a consultant to the Institute.


Recorded Webinar : Sunday, February 20th, 2011
Host : Clifford E Carnicom

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Webinar Topics:

1. Discussion of a recent research paper that discusses an environmental filament sample collected within the last few months.  The relationship of the sample to examinations of the “Morgellons” condition will also be discussed.

2. A brief summary of the Carnicom Institute status and needs will be presented.

3. A question & answer session will be provided.

MORGELLONS… A Natural Medicine Approach

A Natural Medicine Approach
Posted by C.E.  Carnicom on Behalf of  the Author:
Gwen Scott, N.D.
Jan 27 2008
Last Edit Feb 12 2008

Timing is everything, we are told, and now seems to be the time for some revelations.

Those of you who have watched Clifford Carnicom’s documentary on the aerosol operations (Chemtrails) will know me.  We have worked together for many years now, trying very hard to unravel the purpose, content, and impact of what is being dumped into our air supply every day.  It should be realized that because these are very small particles, they are systemic to your entire body in less than a minute.   Think about that, seriously.

My interest is, primarily, finding natural medicines that can help ALL people mitigate the devastating effects of a multi-leveled assault on human health.  Mr.Carnicom has provided immeasurable help in identifying contents so that I may design some natural medicine protocols around them.   And make no mistake, the contents can be changed at any time without our knowledge or consent.  In fact, I believe it has happened and will continue to happen without accountability.

Before I continue a few legal issues need to be addressed.  New Mexico and most other states do not license Naturopathic Doctors.  The law says I may educate you, but I cannot diagnose illness, or prescribe any medications.  With that in mind, I am going to recount my own personal journey with Chemtrail implications as well as “Morgellons.”  If any of the information I present has meaning to you, please find an enlightened and competent health care practitioner to work directly with you.  Many natural medicines and drugs (prescription and over the counter) do not interact very well, and in some cases, can cause dangerous contraindications.   It is imperative that you work closely with a professional you trust and not try to “cowboy” your health circumstances.   I give you permission to share any and all information presented here with your health care practitioner so that he/she may evaluate it in light of your own regimen and symptoms.

Also, it is important that you understand one of the founding principles of natural medicine…Herring’s Law of Cure.  This law presents that your body will rid itself of anything unwanted (diseases, etc.) from top to bottom, from the inside to the outside, and in the reverse order in which it entered your system.   As you will see, much of the work on my own body follows this law exactly.

I am presenting both empirical (personal observation) with scientific information.   Many thanks to Clifford Carnicom (hundreds of unpaid hours on his side), a research doctor, a surgeon, a chemist, and many publications for the scientific information.   Although I do not have formal scientific training, I have read many books on human anatomy and physiology (structure and function of the systems) as well as herbal remedies, and all other natural modalities.   I have also spent lots of hours looking into a microscope.   I  have a degree as a Naturopathic Doctor from an accredited  college.   But again, this is a journal of my personal experiences and not in any way to be understood as a “how to” remedy for the Chemtrail maladies, including “Morgellons.”

I spoke of timing at the beginning.   It is time to say I am the “Morgellons” person that Mr.  Carnicom used for many of his blood, skin, lung, and mouth samples.   At the beginning of this work, I was the only provider.   Now with so many people willing to give him samples, I know his work will continue.   It is time for me to step forward.

I will get to what is being called “Morgellons” disease in just a minute.   I must say, in my opinion, it’s not really a disease in the traditional sense.   It is not measles or mumps.   It doesn’t run a finite course nor is it exclusive to contact with other humans.   What we are looking at here is an inorganic fiber and other components delivered through the air supply.   In my opinion, what we are really looking at is a progressive “system” or “syndrome” in which “Morgellons” is just the latest and most visible aspect.   

My journey into this “syndrome” began over ten years ago.   I felt “something” was in me that didn’t belong…a gut feeling.  I also noticed that my joints were aching more than  they should, I got tired easily, I was getting skins breakouts, and my digestion was “off.”  I was eating well (organics, free range meats, etc.) and exercising, yet I felt my vitality slipping.   I decided to begin a program of “wellness” without any idea where it would lead me.

I began by introducing herbs and herbal combinations that would address the full range of pathogens that might be causing me problems…bacteria, virus, fungus, and parasite.   I was able to eliminate organic parasites at the beginning.  That still left me with the other three.  So, I searched for and found one herbal combination that addressed all three.  It is called Deep Health by Herbs, Etc.  I also made some bad or aggressive choices that were really quite dangerous which I will not share.  With this herbal extract I began to get sores all over my head, but, mindful of Herring’s Law, I saw this as a good thing (top to bottom, in to out) They were painful, numerous, volcano like, and produced scabs that were very itchy and would not heal for weeks, months, and, in one case, two years.  Of course, at the time, it was before Chemtrail awareness, so I assumed something from earlier years was coming out or some new disease I didn’t know was presenting (later I was to look at photos and see the lines in the sky that I was unaware of at the time.)Those sores were exactly like the ones I have today on my back, but I cannot tell you if there were fibers in the scabs.  I strongly suspect there were.

One thing that is very interesting.  After my scalp finally healed my hair got thicker, the few gray hairs I had fell out, replaced by much darker hair.  Also, the texture of my hair changed.  Instead of straight, fine hair it became more coarse and wavy.  I don’t know why to this day, but I took it as a good sign.  I have a client in Los Angeles who I began working with about 8-months ago and he reports that his once gray eyebrows are now brown again.  He also says his once brown hair is growing in again…that he has brown roots in his white hair.  Again, I take this as a sign of renewed health.

I began to look at what was happening very carefully.  Surely this was not a “normal” or known situation (ten years ago.) I started to see a “network” under my skin that looked like it might be fungal in nature.  I contacted a good friend who is a research doctor to get his opinion.  Strangely enough, he and his research partner had been looking at live blood samples under an atomic microscope and observed a fungus in EVERYBODY’S blood sample, including his own (note: Mr.  Carnicom is finding fibers and an unknown, perhaps bacterial, form in everyone’s blood as well.) He was very upset because he said it looked “altered” and was using very fine particulate metals as weapons against the immune system.  He said the fungus actually collected heavy metals and “stabbed” all immune responders.  It sounded so science fiction to me at the time.  He told me that he had found a great metal detoxification method using food grade diatomaceous earth that he took everyday in distilled water ( He said about one tablespoon would work for most adults.  The FDA doesn’t give approval for taking diatomaceous earth internally in humans, but we can give it to our cats, dogs, cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, etc.  Most feed stores carry it.   The only known contraindication is if it is taken with food.  It will not recognize what metals are good for you (iron, trace copper, etc) and what ones are harmful.  My research doctor friend says it will bind up metals and carry them out of your body.  I do know this therapy is widely used in India (white earth,) especially by pregnant women.  I met the head medicine man of the Shoshone Indian People and he told me they have historically used it to detoxify people.  I also met an African American healer in Georgia last year and he told me they’d been using it in his community for years, all the way back to the days of slavery.  

At this point in my journey I realized that I not only needed to get rid of any metals in my system, but I needed to go on an aggressive anti-fungal diet with supporting herbs.  I made sure to eat LOTS of garlic, onions, etc.  and I avoided ALL sugars.  I drank Pau D’ Arco tea daily and began to see some important results.  I also found a wonderful anti-fungal herbal combination that is no longer available, but Herbs, Etc.  has a similar one called Yeast ReLeaf.  It should be said, I have no financial ties with any of the companies I mention in this journal.

I continued to eat organics, drink distilled water, and eat, moderately, only free range meats.  And I began to notice some vitality returning with the anti-fungal focus.  But, I also knew that I was far from “clean.”

About eight years ago I became sadly aware of the Chemtrails.  I was blessed to be introduced to Clifford Carnicom, who at that time was a voice in the wilderness.  He began to share with me all of the data he was gathering and I began to see why it was so important to get those metals out of the system.  Recently, the National Institute for Health in Washington, D.C.  released a report on barium.  The report linked barium “intoxication” to M.S., ALS, and other diseases of “unknown” origins.  The report also said that the military sprayed barium in the air! That was certainly interesting to me.  A good deal of research is available linking aluminum to Alzheimer’s disease, especially when the aluminum is combined with fluoride.   

Also recently, an oncologist in Italy, Dr.  Tullio Simoncini, says he believes cancer is really a fungus.  Many other doctors came out in support when he was attacked for presenting his work.  He is currently treating people with cancer with enormous success (  I personally think he is on the right track and so does my surgeon friend who tells me they are opening people up and finding them full of fungus.

He told me there are times they can’t even find the organs because they are “covered” with fungus.  I personally have not seen this, but this surgeon has years of experience and no reason to mislead me.   I think a strong anti-fungal diet is a great idea.  There are many books at the health store outlining them.  I should say, most of the books are focused on Candida Albicans, a common fungus and we may be looking at a different “breed” here, but it’s a good start.

I have also found anti-fungal soaps of great help.  The brand called Miracle II and its companion Neutralizer have been invaluable in my healing process (  Most health stores carry anti-fungal soaps, usually with Tea Tree Oil.  

About three years ago, I began to get open, painful sores on my back…they remain to this day.  Old ones, in time, will close up and I will think I am finished, but new ones will appear, sometimes overnight.  This is the “Morgellons” aspect of my journey.  It wasn’t until Mr.  Carnicom put the scar tissue under high magnification that the true nature of these sores came to light.  In every scar tissue they was at least one and sometimes many fibers.  Now I began to understand why the process was ongoing.  I breathe…fibers are in the air supply…body wants them out.  So, I stand alone, at this time, with the following theory…Morgellons is NOT a disease in the conventional sense.   It is the body’s HEALTHY response to an invader, or foreign matter, that does not belong.  It seeks to push it out.  

About one month ago my teeth started aching.   It was slight at first and I really didn’t pay attention.  About 4am one morning I awoke with the most painful “tooth ache” I could imagine.  I tried every remedy I knew to no avail.  I “talked to the kingdom” and got the answer to rinse the tooth vigorously with red wine.  I certainly wouldn’t have thought of that.  The results are on Mr.  Carnicom’s web site.  I continue to “pull” them out everyday with the red wine therapy and, although not as many are coming out, I am still producing.  It would be an interesting test to run for yourself to see if you have fibers in your gums.   Many of my friends who do not have a single “Morgellons” symptom have done it and in all cases fibers can be seen in the sink.  Another interesting test is to take your temperature (digital is the fastest) everyday.  Everyone seems to be running lower than the 98.6 average.   Some of my clients are down in the 94-95 range.   

We now know that combined with these fibers are a pathogen that has yet to be identified.  It appears to cause damage to the blood, consequently all body systems.  I keep hoping that someone with some expertise in this field will step up to the plate and help Mr.  Carnicom with his efforts.  You know, if you breathe…or your children breathe…or your mother breathes…time to understand that ALL humans are involved.  

Another component that is also part of the “Morgellons syndrome” is a luminescent material that some call plastic, others silicone.  It comes out of the lungs, eyes, skin, and mouth.  My tears are very sticky, a recent development.   The material  “glows” under a black light and is unknown in its properties.  Also, its purpose is unknown as well.  I do know that it has somehow incorporated into what is leaving my body.  It also contains the unknown pathogen seen in the fibers.

I was interested to note that as I drove across the country recently, in three different states a large “glob” of perfectly clear material hit my windshield (not a gift from the birds.) When I tried to clean it off with my wipers it smeared and took many passes to finally clear.  I didn’t collect any samples, but it wouldn’t be surprising if this material coming out of my body is one and the same.

Also of interest to me, on CNN Anderson Cooper presented a series called Planet In Peril and one of the segments contained the results of a blood test he had taken.  It was reported that he had an unusually high amount of “plastic” in his blood…wonder if we all do.

I do know that a scientist named Marcel Vogel was experimenting with luminescent materials and their uses in the 70’s (Secret Life of Plants.) He later went to work for IBM and there are many patents with his name involving luminescent material.  I was particularly interested in the one involving Electro-luminescent materials, but couldn’t get into the data.

Another curious phenomenon…EVERYBODY’S eyes I have examined under a black light reveal that their pupils “glow” or are luminescent.  Is this normal? Perhaps an expert can tell me, as I remember black light parties in the 60’s and I personally don’t remember pupils glowing.  

Another interesting observation…after the sores finishing expelling blood with fibers, the scar tissue becomes “plastic” which also contains the fibers.  

One final note.  There is a huge assault on all life forms taking place electro-magnetically.   The planet and all life on it evolved, together, with a common electro-magnetic field.  We know from Mr.  Carnicom’s work that new frequencies of many levels are being introduced into the atmosphere.  How can this not affect us? We are electro-magnetic beings.  Could these new “waves” be causing the epidemics I see in depression (NBC reported that nearly ONE-HALF of all Americans are taking anti-depressants,) sleep depravation, tinnitis (ear ringing,) and memory loss?  A physicist told me that some of these new frequencies correspond to the same frequencies in the brain that control sleep, mood, and memory.  What “materials” are in our body that might respond to these frequencies as well? I certainly don’t know, but it is worth considering when taking a holistic approach to wellness.  


So, as far as I can observe, we are dealing with a highly integrated “system,” not one disease called “Morgellons.”

And, as I have indicated, it needs to be addressed on a number of levels…heavy metals, fungus, diet, etc.  I know you cannot hope to heal eating processed, denatured, chemically rich foods.  It has been suggested that perhaps some of what we are looking at here actually comes into us through our food supply.  I don’t know.   Consider what you put in your mouth very carefully…does it heal or harm? If you are serious about being well during these times, you really have to look at your diet.  “Food is your remedy, your remedy is food” Hippocrates.  

Fungus is a major player…so are fibers, a bacterial form (mycoplasma, etc) and luminescent materials.  There might be others as yet unseen.  A research doctor is sure we also have nano-technology in there as well.  Although I haven’t observed any in the blood samples, I wouldn’t be surprised.  Many of the national labs are spending a lot of money and research on nano-tecnology.  Some of the titles of the studies are very unnerving.

I have another observation based purely on my own physical experience.  The more I rid my body of these unwanted materials, the more people tell me that I am looking younger.  My hair is thick…I have lost about 10-pounds that I simply couldn’t get rid of…they just feel off and I am returned to my “normal” weight.  My eyesight has improved dramatically…20-250 to 20-150 in a year and the process continues.  Many of the “age” lines on my face have disappeared and my previously achy joints don’t bother me at all.  Could it be that these materials are designed to age us rapidly? I have heard lots of people talking lately about how their friends and family members are getting old quickly.  I have noticed it myself.  Could the agenda presented years ago to thin the population be in full swing (read “….and the truth shall set you free by David Icke.)  It seems like it to me.

A final word to anyone involved in spraying our skies…even if you think you are doing something good for the citizens of the world…you are not.  And if you and those you love breathe…well then, someone has mislead you.  I believe in time we will find that EVERYONE has “Morgellons” syndrome.  That EVERYONE, whether they are presenting sores or not, is carrying fibers, fungus, luminescent material, etc.  Mr.  Carnicom’s most recent work would certainly lead us in that direction.

Again, work with a professional who understands and has the expertise to help you towards wellness.  

I will update this journal with new information as it appears.

Stand in The Light

Blessings and Good Health

Gwen Scott, N.D.


Gwen Scott, N.D.

Many thanks to the gentleman with scientific information who contacted me regarding my paper.

He told me that black lights have “short” or “long” waves. He said the short wave type is harmful to the eyes if a person looks into it for a period of time. He also told me it should be labeled either “short” or “long” wave on the tube. So, if you are going to look into your eyes, or use the black light on another person, please make sure it is a “long” wave light.

Another point from this gentleman…he said I really should be using the term “fluorescent” instead of “luminescent” when describing the material that glows. As it seems to reflect, rather than generate light, I think it makes sense.

I thank everyone for the feedback and look forward to some more scientific input. I know Mr. Carnicom has been waiting for help on his end as well.

I would like to emphasize again that Herring’s Law of Cure is very important in this process of clearing the body of unwanted “debris.” Once again, be thankful if your body has the health and strength to push fibers, “plastic,” and other unwanted invaders out of you. We have been trained to believe that any “outbreak” should be immediately suppressed. In natural medicine the opposite holds true. We see this process as a sign of a healthy immune system and strong “chi.”

Finally, a few years ago I wrote a general paper for this site with specific suggestions for mitigating “Chemtrail” sickness. Although new information and scientific findings have come to light, the presentation could still be of help to you (Natural Medicine For These Times.)

“Get Onboard“ Dorothy Love Coats Gospel Singer

Many Blessings and Good Health

February 9, 2008…Quick Update

I discovered this morning that combining a few therapies can increase the productivity of the wine/teeth therapy quite a bit.

For a few years now I have taken three to four Q-tips soaked in hydrogen peroxide and gone around the area where my teeth meet the gums. I follow this with flossing and rinsing with the Miracle II Neutralizer. Today I immediately followed that therapy with the vigorous swishing of red wine and was astounded at the rate of production. The amount of material (fibers) expelled was at least four to five times more than I get using the wine therapy separately. You might want to give it a try.

Many Blessings

Gwen Scott, N.D.

[Editor’s Note: A major portion of the recent research on the Morgellons issue has been made possible through the kindness, generosity and the unselfish contributions from Gwen Scott, N.D.    Eternal gratitude is extended to her for the help and assistance that she has offered to the public and to you. We continue to do the best that we can with the means and resources that are available to us.   CEC]


APRIL 29, 2006
SATURDAY : 11:00AM – 4:00PM

Posted on behalf of Bridget Conroy
by Clifford E Carnicom
April  09 2006

The following scheduled protest against the aerosol operations
is announced to the public; it is recommended that this announcement be
distributed to the public as widely as is possible.  Thank you. CEC



Aerosol Spraying




“Weather Modification” Bills

SATURDAY, APRIL 29, 2006  

   11:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.


Location: Capitol Lawn

1700 West Washington Street

Phoenix Arizona 85007

Speakers / Music / Documents

For More Information Please Contact:

         Agriculture Defense Coalition     

                    Bridget Conroy (602) 404-0847  E-Mail:

                    P.O. Box 54297 Phoenix, Arizona 85078


                  Rosalind Peterson (707) 485-7520 E-Mail:

                  P.O. Box 499 Redwood Valley, California 95470

Protest Location
LOCATION: 1700 West Washington Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85007
Capitol Lawn

(map by

MapQuest Link


MARCH 23, 2006

Posted on behalf of Kathy Ornstein
by Clifford E Carnicom
Feb  12 2006
Edited March 08 2006

The following scheduled protest against the aerosol operations
is announced to the public; it is recommended that this announcement be
distributed to the public as widely as is possible.  Thank you. CEC







TIME: 9 A.M. – 2:00 P.M.


LOCATION: 312 North Spring Street, Los Angeles, California 90012


Senator Barbara Boxer’s Office


(Corner of Spring & Temples Streets – Downtown Los Angeles)












R.S.V.P. by February 27, 2006


K. Ornstein “Right to Breathe Healthy Air” (310) 657-5174




Protest Location
LOCATION: 312 North Spring Street, Los Angeles, California 90012
Senator Barbara Boxer’s Office


Parking Location
La Catedral De Los Angeles


251 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA (0.35 miles away)
(Maps from

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